October 28, 2011 - 3:22pm
To err is human, etc.
While not exactly the same as an executive pardon, this document might come in handy for those readers who are presently over-burdened with guilt over some real or imagined transgressions.
Is your wife still mad at you for some stupid thing you said, in a distracted moment of weakness?  Is your boss still on your case for screwing up that last work assignment?  Does your landlord want to talk with you about your last two rent checks that bounced?
October 27, 2011 - 5:12pm
Mark Fields, Gregg Fischer
In just 10 months, $1.2 billion and 3,100 new jobs have been announced by Ford.
Investments totaling $1.2 billion and 3,100 new jobs was the cause for celebration today as Governor Steve Beshear and Ford Motor Company President of the Americas Mark Fields joined Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, UAW representatives and other community officials to recognize the partnership that...
October 26, 2011 - 8:50pm
Old Louisville Victorian Ghost Walk
"Ghost stories are truly a part of the culture here in Old Louisville," says Councilman David James of the Sixth District. "Fun events like the Ghost Walk help display what makes Old Louisville a unique and interesting place to live and visit."
One of Metro Louisville’s most treasured neighborhoods gets into the Halloween spirit this weekend with the return of the Old Louisville Victorian Ghost Walk. Costumed guides and storytellers aim to entertain participants with ghostly tales of the neighborhood’s most haunted historic...
October 26, 2011 - 3:21pm
Crowd Funding
Crowdfunding (sometimes called crowd financing or micro-financing) is a new and growing method for small businesses and entrepreneurs to raise funding. Instead of the traditional approach of seeking a bank loan, individuals can connect with friends, colleagues and others through social media to seek capital.
Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer announced today that his new Office for Innovation is providing a unique workshop to explore crowdfunding resources for small and new businesses. The “Crowdfunding Means Business” workshop will concentrate on connecting businesses with Kickstarter.com...
October 25, 2011 - 7:03pm
Rudy Giuliani
"As mayor, he highlighted crime reduction and law enforcement. In the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center, Mayor Giuliani gained international recognition for his impeccable leadership in the wake of the worst attack on American soil."
Former New York Mayor and former Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani will be in Louisville tomorrow, attending two campaign events in support of Hopkins County Attorney Todd P’Pool, the Republican nominee in next month’s election for Kentucky Attorney General.Mayor Giuliani will join...
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