5 Local Candies to Complete Your Louisville Holiday


1. Bourbon Balls from Cellar Door Chocolate

It’s so hard to pick just one thing to love from Cellar Door, but I adore their Evan Williams Bourbon Balls: bourbon buttercream covered in dark chocolate. According to the website, these candies are actually alcoholic as all the bourbon hasn’t been cooked out. Who couldn’t use a little boost during the holidays? You can order online at Cellar Door’s website, or visit them at 1201 Story Avenue, or visit them at their new location at Oxmoor! There are tons of other Christmas candies you can get from Cellar Door, read more about them here. 

2. Modjeskas from Muth’s

Muth’s modjeskas are a Christmas candy must-have in my family. Those pillowy home made marshmallows coated in buttery caramel melt exquisitely in your mouth. Muth’s is one of the oldest candy shops in Louisville, and they say that modjeskas were created in Louisville. You can buy online from Muth’s, or visit their store at 630 East Market Street. Read a little more about Muth's magnificent modjeskas here. 

3. Red Hots from Schimpff’s Confectionery

It’s just not Christmas until I go to Schimpff’s for their candy museum and candy making demonstrations. The red hots at Schimpff’s are spicy, laced through with real cinnamon oil, beautiful little red jewels. You can order online from Schimpff’s, or visit at 347 Spring Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana. My family visits Schimpff's every year on Christmas Eve, and it's become my favorite tradition. 

4. Chocolate Covered Potato Chips from Nuts N Stuff

Located at 1000 Barret Avenue, Nuts N Stuff bills itself as the “most unique bulk store in the Louisville area.” Nut N Stuff sells lots of exotic spices and teas, but every Christmas I go in for their chocolate covered potato chips. Salty, sweet, crispy and perfect, it’s the perfect unique compliment to your candy plate. Read more about these salty-sweet treat here.

5. Chocolate Moose at Ghyslain

There are too many fantastic chocolates to count at Ghyslain, but I’m pretty partial to the Chocolate Moose. This golden treat would make a perfect centerpiece for your Christmas candy plate, or an amazing hostess gift. You can check out one of Ghyslain’s local bistros (721 E Market St or 1215 Herr Lane) or you can purchase their chocolates online. Ghyslain has lots of Christmas options, find out more about them here.  

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