5 Reactions to Louisville's No.4 Seed


You’ve heard the bracketologists’ predictions, researched who will be the most likely upset, and betted your friends that your bracket will make it further this year.  You’ve done all this after, of course, erasing in your mind Greg Gumbel’s voice announcing Louisville as a No. 4 seed in the Midwest region.  In a poll on USA Today Sports this morning, almost 4,000 people voted “Yes, Louisville deserved more” while 300 voted “No, they should be a 4.” Here are our top five reactions to the NCAA selection committee’s decision. 


1. The Cardinals soared past UConn in the AAC championship in Memphis, and the NCAA selection committee stamped the Cardinals with a No. 4 seed.  Well, all we have to say is, “WHAT?!”

Photo Courtesy USA Today Sports Images

2.  Shock.  Dick Vitale said, “I can’t believe that Louisville, based on an eye test, could be a 4 seed. I thought they deserved so much better, and I thought they should’ve been much higher.”

3. Frustration.  Committee chairman Ron Wellman said, "We look at the total résumé, though. Right now, if you ask anybody, Louisville is playing as well as anyone, and the committee certainly agrees with that. However, we look at the total body of work, comparing everything they did from November through March."  Whatever, Ron.  

4. We’ll take your No. 4 seed, and we’ll prove that we were a No. 1 seed. 

Remember last year, when Kevin Ware was grossly injured in the Elite Eight game against Duke?  The Cardinals rallied and fought all the way to the championship for their injured teammate.  They had a cause to fight for on the court.  Each dribble and dunk meant something more; it meant hope for a friend.  And this year, with a No. 4 seed, the Cardinals have been given a cause to fight for on the court once again.

5. Last night every Cardinal fan slept with soft dreams of the swish, swish, swish, shoosh of every hoop scored in the Cardinals’ imminent future.  Here’s to looking forward to the Cardinals matchup against Manhattan on Thursday night.  

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