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Back in September I first enlightened the masses on Alt-J, British sensation that did end up winning that Mercury Prize they were up for, but much has changed.  Since then, they have literally taken over and created a global following that's quite drawn to the unique, heavy melodic sound with quirky hipstery funk.  In support of their album, An Awesome Wave, Alt-J has embarked on their own headlining tour, and are a staple at most all the festivals you should want to attend.

Thanks to the diligence of Sarah Sigro, at Big Hassle Media, I had the chance to speak with Gwil who is one of the creators.  We had a great chat, he wasn't able to enlighten me on all their upcoming appearances fetival-wise, but gave insightful perspective on the creation of Alt-J's sound.  Really, there isn't really a sound like Alt-J out there, that I know of, and Gwil said it really started when the lads where in school together in England.  Joe and Gwil just really spent time making their own intuitive sound, which they've mastered with greatness.  My previous thought leaned towards a David Byrne and Yeasayer/Passion Pit spawn an offspring that is Alt-J.  Since further listening, watching the show a few times yesterday (see below, you're welcome for those that don't have tickets as it is sold out), it seems more and more difficult to really compare them to anyone.  Gwil notes they don't really speak of other music when recording and writing, it just is a collaboration of everyone, themselves.

It's groovy stuff all around, do what you need to to get tickets as just coming off SXSW, they should be finely tuned and ready to go!  Expect a bit of production, according to Gwil, but at the end of the day it's just four guys trying to play an album.

Photo Credit: Alt-J's Facebook

Tickets:  Godspeed and good luck…

SXSW Concert:

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