Am I selfish for drinking beer for myself? I think not [Lville Beer]


Normally Tuesday night is the evening that I put all my internal focus toward sampling and writing a review about beer.  This is quite an undertaking and I'm sure that I don't get the credit that I deserve for the dedication that it takes to drink a different beer every Tuesday.  So last night I decided to take a stand and do something for me -- I went to the "Spotlight on Locals" party at Check's Cafe (and no, not just because I organized it).  

Every Tuesday night is "pint night" at Check's and they offer $1.50 domestic pints AND $2.00 specialty & import pints.  My eyes got large as I gazed upon their draft lineup and tried to decide what I wanted to drink first.  I ended up starting out with the Southern Tier 2XIPA -- YES for $2.00!!!  I am an unapologetic lover of Southern Tier and if you haven't have the 2XIPA then please try it.  It is such a well-balanced IPA and is so easy to drink.  We're talking about a double IPA that weighs in at 8.2% ABV but finishes so clean you would hardly know.  

From there I moved on to Bell's Oberon and Falls City.  I'm pretty sure that most of you have had both of these.  Oberon is the wheat beer that Bell's releases only in summer that I refer to as the "Elvis" of beers because when it's released people scream and jump around, girls throw their panties at it, and people act in general like if they might faint if they don't get to touch it.  Falls City is the second coming of a local legend that still confuses some people.  They remember it from growing up, they haven't had it in years, they don't get that it's different, they don't understand that it is similar to the original recipe, they try it, they usually end up liking it....or they're a hipster, they've seen the logo around for years, and they want to be cool (also known as the PBR effect).  

Long story short, it was a great event, I drank beer, and I did it for me.  I apologize if this hurts any of your feelings, but try putting yourselves under the immense stress that I deal with writing a weekly beer review article and you'll want a night off too.  

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