Arctic Monkeys Bring out All Ages and I Was The Old Man Out


There is truly something strong to be said about a band who can toss out a few albums over the past decade plus or so and still appeal to new crowds.  To that end, I was quite surprised by the contingent of younger folks in attendance on Saturday for the Arctic Monkeys.  Getting there a shade early, hoping that White Denim would deliver (we'll get to that), the sold out crowd filled up the lower level very smoothly.

As previously mentioned, WD struck a bit of a chord, with me after their last visit, but I had mixed feelings on their set to get things going.  Sounded slightly like a bit more like too much wah wah peddle and not enough rock 'n roll with some cowbell perhaps.  Not too shabby, but perhaps I was spoilt by there last visit to Zanzabar last time they unofficially kicked off their headliningg tour here and not claiming it.  Anyway, the do rock and I'd certainly advise catching them.

Do not misunderstand me, The Arctic Monkeys are genuinely badasses.  As my closets revelers know, I had the fortune to live in London from October 07 to February of 09 and managed to see a lot of shows as I do.  There were a lot of AM rip offs but NO ONE was on par.  Having been an early fan, I was hoping for some older tracks during the show, I'll be honest.  I realised that dream was shattered early in the evening as the average female age upon entry to the venue was roughly 16.  Strong play lads, and strong set all around.  'One for the Road' is a personal favorite off the latest album, however there would have been NOTHING wrong with a 'Teddy Picker' encore.  In me you trust, xoxo.

Thank you very much to the lovely Lizi Hagan, and Production Simple, for the access and Mike Stewart for the photos.

Photo Credit: C. Michael Stewart (Penalty for thievery is truly legal action)

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