Atherton High School Questions Transgender Discrimination Policy


A recent controversy at Atherton High School has put a spotlight on issues of gender identity and discrimination in Jefferson County Public Schools. Parents and students have complained after a transgender student was given permission to use the girls' facilities at Atherton High School.

Many parents called Atherton High School after Principal Thomas Aberli gave a student, born male but identifying as female, permission to use the girls' restrooms and locker room.

Currently, the JCPS non-discrimination policy does not specifically protect transgender students or staff. The policy prohibits harassment and discrimination based on age, color, race, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religion, disability, national origin and marital or parental status. While, according to The Courier-Journal, school board member Carol Haddad has said that the school board is against "any kind of harassment and discrimination," the board has backed away from this issue in the past.

The school board is currently in a meeting to discuss whether or not to adopt a non-discrimination policy for transgender students and staff. (Thursday, May 15 - 3:15PM)

Check back with to find out the results of the meeting.


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