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Author Mike Mullin presents the second installment of ‘Ashfall’ Series at Carmic
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In the scheme of life, there are a great many things one must worry about.  I worry.  I worry about a great many of those great many things.  On a daily basis we humans must make sure to keep an eye out for plausible death situations: car crashes, armed robbery, falling sky debris, alcohol poisoning, bear attack, facebook.  Lots of danger in the modern world, folks.  And if you ever watched the Discovery Channel in the 90s, you – much like me – know that the greatest doom in our rat race of not-dying is still a-slumbering.  Allow me to clue you in: SUPERVOLCANOS EXIST.

And there’s one in Yellowstone.  Yup.  Actually, let me be more precise with my syntax: Yellowstone is a supervolcano.  About 45 miles (miles, not feet, not yards, miles) of pristine natural splendor and exquisite postcard beauty is really just a façade for a magnificent mouth of molten, underground hell.  And it’s going to erupt someday and incinerate all of our faces right the heck off.  Knowledge is power!  Yay!

So while we twiddle our finite, little thumbs as the end approaches (oh, and don’t forget, less than two months until the apocalypse.  Buy batteries), why not creatively imagine what dystopian fun awaits us in the aftermath?  Author Mike Mullin is certainly game.  Join him tonight, Friday, October 26th, at Carmichael’s Bookstore as he presents the second installment in his Ashfall series at 7pm.

The follow-up to the popular first title in the young adult series, the latest book, Ashen Winter, plunges readers back into a post-eruption landscape.  Chronicling the perilous journey of heroes Alex and Darla, Ashen Winter is a bare-bones story of survival in an environment of true life-and-death struggle (again: bear attack).  Mike Mullin will be on hand tonight for a special reading and signing of his book, and – as an added bonus – will demonstrate tae-kwon-do (solution to bear attack).  Copies of Ashen Winter are available in hardcover for $17.95.

Dangerous world?  Yes.  Yes it is, my dears.  And while it may be tempting to simply give up in the face of such mounting chaos (we live in a world where this happens too), risk is really what makes us stronger.  Mortal peril may not be pleasant, but that which is most precious is often at the end of a bumpy road and, thus, all the more perfect for its struggle – just, you know, be careful which trails you happen to take in Yellowstone. 

Carmichael’s Bookstore has two area locations: 1295 Bardstown Road and 2720 Frankfort Avenue.  For more information, visit the event page or call the Frankfort Avenue store at (502) 896-6950.

Image: Courtesy of Carmichael’s Bookstore website

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