The B-52's come to HullabaLOU, but Mesopotamia is where they wanna go [Music]


The B-52's are best known for their hit single “Love Shack,” so much so that I’d be hard pressed to find many people, who aren’t music enthusiasts, to name more of their songs.  This year’s HullabaLOU Festival has brought the B-52's so you have a chance to actually hear part of their catalog.

My interest in this Georgian “new wave” band began about half a year ago when some friends played “Mesopotamia” for me.  Apparently, this song was a hit at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival about a decade ago.  People of all ages and races got down to the song that would become a bit of a house music anthem. With any luck, they will perform this accidental-EP tonight (the song was supposed to be part of an album that was scrapped due to issues with a producer). 

The B-52's have experimented with a lot of different sounds and genres in their 34years as a band, including being one of the first live performers to introduce synthesizers into their music.  The group, consisting of Fred Schnieder, Cindy Wilson, Kate Pierson, and Keith Strickland (guitarist Ricky Wilson passed away from AIDS in 1985), released an album called “Funplex” in 2008, but sales barely broke even.  

It’s safe to say that the B-52s’ heyday has come and gone, but they can still make you dance.  The B-52's are performing at the HullabaLOU Festival going on at the Churchill Downs at 5:40pm on the Fleur de Lis Stage.

You can follow their performance with on Twitter.  



The B-52's around the time they started to become famous.


The B-52's around the time they started to become famous.  All photos courtesy of The B-52's.



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