Being Thankful After Thanksgiving

Print We are all thankful for the wonderful people in our lives including family and friends, for our health and of course...(in most cases) getting some extra time of from work. But, here's a list of some lesser mentioned, but often almost as important things that we can all be grateful for: 1. All of the Thanksgiving TV “Marathons” are over. No more non-stop John and Kate Plus 8 and other not-so favorite programming. 2. Be thankful you aren’t employed by Kohl’s and had to endure a 4am opening with hundreds of eager, prepared and vigilant shoppers. 3. Be glad you were in Louisville where the weather was 55 degrees , rather than in Anchorage, AK- which saw 25 degrees and snow. 4. Be thankful that gas prices FINALLY went down. Can you imagine the havoc, ridiculous waiting lines and general 1983 Cabbage Patch kids fiasco that $1.55 a gallon for gas would have caused? 5. Be thankful you didn’t shoot yourself in the leg: 6. You can be thankful for a second location of Café Lou Lou. 7. Out of 365 days, only 26 and a half of them are actually considered “shopping days” this year. 8. The demand for Nintendo Wiis has gone down. Not only will you not hear stories about people paying 3 and 4 times what they cost- you may actually be able to walk into a store and buy one. 9. Be thankful you aren’t a UK football fan (which I am) after a now-24 game losing streak to the Tennessee Volunteers... the longest current streak in the country. 10. If you’re a UL fan, be thankful football season is over and it’s time for basketball. 11. Be thankful for New Years Eve coming around in a month, in order for you to set your goals to lose all of the extra weight you just gained in turkey and desserts. 12. Even in this rough economy, you can be thankful that flat screens, cars and houses are more affordable that ever… if you just have the extra money to buy them. 13. Louisville is becoming green itself! 14. For Papa John's Chocolate Pastry Delights. 15. But, most importantly, be thankful you’ve made it through another Thanksgiving of being thankful. Now, get out and find the shopping bargains!
About Holly Freeland
I graduated from Western Kentucky University (GO Tops!) with an English and Journalism degree. I spend my time playing soccer, watching UK basketball, stalking David Beckham and laughing at Chelsea Handler.
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