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The Official Best of Louisville is BACK! Ballots for 2014 are now OUT!

Metro Louisville residents can now vote on their local favorites!

With your votes we will be celebrating the nominees and the best that Louisville has to offer on July 31st.

What better way to celebrate this awesome city but with an amazing party?

This year it will be double the size and double the fun. Expect to see local celebrities and local owners from our favorite places to dine, drink, visit and shop!

When entering your vote, you'll automatically be entered in a drawing to win over $200 in dining certificates at one of the winner's locations!!

More information on tickets, and VIP, will be coming soon. The Venue (which is new, wild, and delicious) will be announced when tickets hit the box office.

This is your time to vote on your local favorites and the best this city has to offer!

Please visit: louisville.com/bol

2013 Best of Louisville Winners

(Reader’s Choice)

Mexican/Southwestern Restaurant

1)    El Mundo

2)    El Nopal

3)    Tumbleweed

Most Comfortable Bar

1)    Jack’s Lounge

2)    Meat (now closed)

3)    The Back Door

Specialty Coffee Drinks

1)    Heine Bros.

2)    Starbucks

3)    Quills

Restaurant Wine Selection

1)    Napa River Grill

2)    The Oakroom

3)    La Coop

Trivia Night

1)    Saints

2)    Flanagan’s

3)    Molly Malone’s


1)    Wick’s

2)    Impellizzeri’s

3)    Tony Boombozz

Neighborhood Bar

1)    Shenanigans

2)    NachBar

3)    The Back Door

Ice Cream

1)    The Comfy Cow

2)    Graeter’s

3)    Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen

Tap Beer Selection

1)    Holy Grale

2)    Bluegrass Brewing Co.

3)    Sergio’s World of Beers

Local Website

1)    wdrb.com

2)    wave3.com

3)    whas11.com

Sports Reporter

1)    Kent Taylor

2)    Fred Cowgill

3)    Eric Crawfor

Radio Personality/Female

1)    Linda Lambert

2)    Mandy Connell

3)    (tie) Laura Shine

(tie) Kelly K

Radio Personality Male

1)    Terry Meiners

2)    George Lindsey

3)    Ben Davis

TV Personality/Male

1)    Kevin Harned

2)    Terry Meiners

3)    Scott Reynolds

TV Personality/ Female

1)    Dawne Gee

2)    Candyce Clifft

3)    (tie) Rachel Platt

(tie) Vicki Dortch

Radio Station

1)    WFPK (91.9)

2)    WHAS (84)

3)    (tie) WFPL (89.3)

(tie) The Max (102.3)

TV Station

1)    Wave 3

2)    WHAS 11

3)    WDRB 41


1)    Carmichael’s

2)    Barnes & Noble

3)    Half Price Books


1)    Clodhoppers

2)    Blush

3)    Dot Fox


1)    Nanz & Kraft

2)    Colonial Designs

3)    Susan’s

Hospital Emergency Room

1)    Baptist East

2)    Norton Brownsboro

3)    UofL

Men’s Consignment Store

1)    Evolve

2)    Margaret’s

3)    Goodwill

Women’s Consignment Store

1)    Margaret’s

2)    Sassy Fox

3)    Urban Attic


1)    Frazier

2)    Science

3)    Slugger

Place to Work Out

1)    Baptist East Mile Stone

2)    Pure Fitness

3)    Proformance

Shopping Center

1)    The Summit

2)    Oxmoor Mall

3)    Mall St. Matthews

Don't forget to vote in the 2014 Best of Louisville! 

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