Butterfinger Beignets at Cafe Beignet [Food & Dining]


There are some days, specifically some mornings, that I just require a little bit more motivation than usual to get up. The world is too cold and too irritating to merit my presence--even my beloved bacon will not budge me. On those days, I conjure up images of puffy golden sugar-dusted pastry and chickory coffee; and then I crawl out of bed go on the hunt for some place exactly like Cafe Beignet. 

Cafe Beignet is only open on the weekends for breakfast and brunch; it is housed within The Fish House, a fine little eatery on its own merit. Located catty-corner to Lynn's and across from The Monkey Wrench, Cafe Beignet is a cheap, amazing, dare I say EPICUREAN establishment with atmosphere. I knew I was going to like the place when I ordered a rather exorbitant breakfast for two and it came to $18. "For BOTH of us?" I asked, in amazement. "Yeah." The girl working the counter laughed. "We don't overcharge." No joke! For eighteen dollars I got three sausages, an egg in toast, potato pancakes, three beignets plain, one butterfinger beignet, fried clam strips and two cups of chickory coffee.

The Beignets are some unbelievable combination of doughnut and dinner roll, sweet and crunchy on the outside, mild and bread-y on the inside. They are not exactly giant pockets of cake covered in powdered sugar, but neither are they fried breakfast toast. The butterfinger beignet was a special on the day we visiting, a pastry drizzled in chocolate and chopped up candy bars. Every single thing we ate was fresh, hot, and real food, none of this fake freezer burned nonsense. The potato pancakes were served with sour cream and apple sauce. The sausages (called piggies) were fatty and soft, the chickory coffee was so good I had three cups. 

For me sometimes the thought of eating breakfast is the only thing that gets me out of my warm covers. If I could have Cafe Beignet every day I would rocket out of bed with a giant grin on my face and skip down the street. I would even resist hitting the snooze button. More than once, anyway. 

Photos: Elizabeth Orrick and Lauren O'Neil


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Big fan of bacon and bourbon, deep fried anything, sweet tea and sweet nothings.
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