Cedar Lake Foundation at the heart of Lyndon [Lyndon]


Tucked away in a small brick office complex on New LaGrange Road is a place packed with people on a mission: to meet the individual needs of persons with intellectual disabilities. That place is the  Cedar Lake Foundation.

And there could be no more nobler mission.

The CLF is the fundraiser, and friend-raiser, for both Cedar Lake Lodge, which assists people with severe mental retardation and other health issues, and Cedar Lake Residences, which helps integrate those with intellectual disabilities back into mainstream society.

CLF accomplishes it's goals through gala events, 5k's, and a host of other events which are geared solely for raising funds, and awareness, to support the Lodge and Residences. They also offer a Speaker's Bureau, which includes speakers from many different fields to educate, reduce stigmas, develop awareness and create understanding of the communities. These speakers are available to speak at seminars, training events, or any occasion to raise awareness.

But enough of the business end of this organization. Here's a look into the amazing results of their work...

The Cedar Lake Lodge members generally have severe or profound mental retardation, have significant health issues, and require an intensive active treatment program designed to meet their individual needs. The program for these folks include physical, speech and occupational therapy. Arts and crafts, Living Skills classes, and Nutritional consulting are an intense part, as well. And a staff pastor offers chapel services.

The Cedar Lake Residences is community-based housing that supports over 100 clients. Everyone in the community has some type of intellectual disability, and some have other health issues, as well. The goal of the program here is to help them make a transition into mainstream society.

There are so many success stories that have come out of these programs. People that ordinarily would have been forgotten, or just taken care of for the rest of their lives instead of living the life of their dreams, are given a shot. They are taught to care for themselves, to live on their own, and to live in the world like everyone else. They are taught that their lives have value and meaning. They are given their dignity. 

Someone at Cedar Lake Foundation is always available to talk about donations or fundraising opportunities. 

Like to volunteer? Both the Lodge and the Residences are always on the lookout for someone to donate time, talent and energy for their great cause.

Volunteer questions for both the Lodge in LaGrange, and the Residences, can be answered on their site at http://www.cedarlake.org/donations_volunteer.html

For donation information, and other questions,please call:(502)425-5323. 

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