Come to Carmichael’s during Olde Tyme Christmas for a book signing with Kentucky journalist, Al Smith

Come to Carmichael’s during Olde Tyme Christmas for a book signing with Kentucky

And that’s every day.  That’s every day.  But there’s no panic; there’s nothing noted on the calendar as a changed day – this is not a time for feasting and bedazzled warm wishes or snow globes from Target that say JOY – do you have JOY?  Really? – because it’s just a nondescript day on the calendar in a handful of numbered measurements of time that relate the position of the sun’s light to the our Earthly darkness.  It’s one of 19 days until Christmas Day – and that day was dyed the color red on the page called “December” here on the wall.  Because it’s more important than the ones with blue dye. 

Whatever.  You are changed all the time, folks.  Don’t make me say it anymore.  Notice it.  Notice it because it is gradual and sneaking and will murmur and murmur and murmur without your knowledge until the day comes when your Present Reality is so different from your Past Reality that your jaw drops open and you are faced with a minor (or major) Crisis of Self because you didn’t pay attention to the fact that your body is alive and your hair is growing and your blood is changing and those-are-not-the-same-sparrows. 

So let’s now think about Al Smith.  Quickly, yes, I’ll think here very quickly, I promise.  He gave 50 years to a career in journalism.  50 years which amounts to something like 18,250 days.  That’s two of the Life-as-I-Haved-Lived-It-Thus-Far (yes, I’m 25).  Journalism requires someone who can see.  To clarify: someone who can See.  They (we?) are paid to witness things – all, as many, most of the things – and then tell everybody who couldn’t see.  Didn’t notice.  Go back and re-read all 303 words I wrote in the last three paragraphs.  Now think about 50 years again.

You want to read Al Smith’s memoir.  And, now that I’ve said all this, I do too.

Christmas is 19 days away.  I don't know what's going to happen.  But Christmas is coming, and you should consider doing something about it.  Start here: wake up and take a good look around you – and here I mean Look.

Kentucky Cured: Fifty Years in Kentucky Journalism.  $19.99 in paperback at both Carmichael’s Bookstore locations, with author Al Smith to sign copies at the Frankfort Avenue store this Saturday, December 8th at 1pm.  2720 Frankfort Avenue.                         

Image: Courtesy of Carmichael’s Bookstore website



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