Commentary: 4:59 comes before 5 p.m., right? [Food and Dining]

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One would think that if a place closes at 5 p.m., it closes at 5 p.m.  Not so if going to the Taco Bell/KFC counter at Fourth Street Live.
So here's what happened:  I went to the Taco Bell/KFC place in the Fourth Street Live food court last Saturday.  The time on my cell phone said 4:55 p.m.  No one was at the counter when I arrived so  I waited.  And waited.  
A lady, meanwhile, came up and also waited.  We could both hear someone in the back moving dishes around.  She eventually yelled for someone, and FINALLY a person came out.  That person said they closed at 5 p.m.  After a look of confusion by the lady and myself, the worker behind the counter said the time was 4:59 p.m. on their computer.  
Last time I checked, 4:59 p.m. comes before 5 p.m., which means the business should still be open.  Not at the Taco Bell/KFC counter.  As the lady and I asked questions regarding the time, the worker, and another person who also came from the back, said they already had everything shut off.  
The lady and I left the counter hungry and very confused.  Simple logic was not followed:  In a customer service business, you are there to serve the customers, so long as it's before closing time.  That includes one minute before closing.  Customers are not an inconvenience to the business, they are the reason a business exists.  
Having been on the other side of the fast food counter, I understand completely the mindset just before closing time.  You're ready to close up, get everything done, and be out the door as soon as possible.  When a customer comes in a few minutes, or even one minute, before closing time and the door being locked, it can be frustrating.  
Yet, you still have to serve the customer with the same service that was given earlier in the day.  That's the job, and that's what helps keep the company in business.  Unfortunately for that Taco Bell/KFC counter, it lost two customers that day, and possibly for good, due to bad customer service.  
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