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This weekend, Derby City Comic Con soared into town and gathered a huge crowd at the Kentucky International Convention Center. With costumes, crafts, and comics, any convention is always a good time, but Derby City is one of my favorites. The ambiance at Derby City is like that of a family reunion. Every year, I recognize people who have come to the con since its inception in 2011, but I also manage to see a lot of new faces. Conventions are a great place to make friends for a day or friends for life, and I know that happens over and over again at Derby City. Owner Chuck Moore is highly organized and works very hard to make all guests, attendees, and volunteers happy.

As usual, I worked in the kids’ area for the better part of the weekend, but I was able to make my way around the con and browse the booths. One of my favorite booths was The Halloween Queen. She had some great handmade items including candles, soap, and necklaces. Her prices were very reasonable too! I purchased two necklaces, one with the tenth doctor’s picture and one with Loki’s picture, for only $12. Jenny Stead is definitely one of my favorite artist booths. I love her renditions of popular, well-loved characters such as the Avengers and the Doctors from Doctor Who. Plus, she had Wonder Woman hair ties for only $5. The Great Escape is a great booth to visit for all your toy and comic needs. Owner Sonya Linser is very friendly and easy to talk to. Their store, located on Bardstown Road, is one of Louisville’s most popular comic book shops.

I did not get to attend any of the panels, but two of my friends, Kim Arnold and Abbie Rich, led a couple, so I know they were good! Some big names were also in attendance including Tony Moore of The Walking Dead comics, Mark Waid of Daredevil fame, and Robert Venditti who writes graphic novels based on one of my favorite series of books, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

In addition to everything I’ve already mentioned, there were two costume contests and tons of activities for kids. This year, the kids’ corner’s theme was S.H.I.E.L.D. Kids completed superhero training and gathered intel as a part of their scavenger hunt. They also participated in coloring contests and Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. trivia contests to win Avengers-themed prizes.

This weekend was so much fun; I simply can’t wait for next year, but I actually don’t have to! On November 22, just in time for Christmas shopping, Derby City is hosting a Cavalcade of Comics at the Ramada Plaza in Louisville. Keep checking with Louisville.com and Derby City Comic Con’s website for more information.  

Photos by Krystin Robertson.

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