Dr. John delivers the remedy…while Gov’t Mule makes the levee break [Music]



Now, if you’ve been keeping up then you know my main goal was for a visit to the Good Dr.  My visit yielded remedies for anything that ailed me, future promises of what could be…and, most important, a reminder that I was in the presence of true royalty.  True to form, my man rocks a purple suit through versions of ‘Locked Down’, ‘Revolution’ and ‘Big Shot’.  That’s among such gems as ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’, however the highlight may have been sneaking up to the front row and hearing the band holla ‘Dr. SIT DOWN, YOU GONNA HURT SOMEBODY!!’ (During ‘Big Shot’ no doubt…see Hipstergram photo below) 

Unfortunately circumstances beyond my control pulled me away from the Gov’t Mule set, BUT a trusted advisor, fellow music snob, and host of some Lousyville B-ball radio show (Mr. Brent Lepping) best sums it up as follows. 

‘Mule had a lot to live up to after Dr. John performed one of the most memorable opening sets to come through the city of Louisville in some time. Although they started fairly strong with the Railroad Boy à Banks of the Deep End à She Said She Said (Beatles cover) trio to open things, the show didn’t really get going until they launched into an abbreviated version of Led Zeppelin’s “When The Levee Breaks. The moment they tore into that unforgettable drum beat while Warren perfectly channeled Jimmy Page’s signature slide guitar lick, the crowd knew they were watching something special.’

Really folks…between the magic of the Dr., a channeling of Jimmy Page, and a finally, decently, festive crowd…the night couldn’t have been mo bets…

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