Eating at KFC for the first time ever and experiencing the Double Down [Louisville newbie]


It is confession time. Until this week, I had never in my life eaten food at or from KFC. Of course KFC exists in the other places I've lived before moving to Louisville, but I just never tried it. I am the kind of girl that prefers a falafel or sushi to fried chicken. However, since I am now a Louisville resident I figured I needed the initiation and had dinner at KFC.

I know this probably doesn't count, but I ordered the grilled chicken. It was dry and creepily stiff. It came in a pouch so that you could grab the base of the chicken and eat it with your hands. I felt dirty afterward. Probably more note worthy is that my husband had the "Double Down". This is KFC's latest creation. It consists of two fried or grilled chicken filets that act as pseudo bookends to bacon, two different kinds of cheese and a "special sauce". It was recently dubbed one of the "50 fattiest foods in the States" by Along with being awarded the "Worst New Food Product of the Year" by It was pretty intense watching my husband eat this thing. I couldn't help but think that I will be an early widow due to the artery clogging 32 grams of fat and 1380 mg of sodium. You can cut down on 9 grams of fat if you get it with grilled chicken instead of fried, but you'll be adding 50mg of sodium.

All in all, I think I'll be sticking with falafels and sushi, but but I now feel like I can walk around Kentucky without sticking out as an outsider.


Maggie moved to Louisville from Buffalo, NY in Dec. 2009. She has also lived in London, Chicago, and Louisiana.  Find out more about her business Weekend Wedding Warrior, LLC and her private counseling practice.

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