Fill up for 15 bucks at Seviche? It’s true!

In the same way I wish I’d never flown in the front of the plane and experienced how the other half flies, there are restaurants I almost wish I’d never tried. When I know how very good something is, it makes it harder to miss out on. Seviche is in this category. A portion of our household budget goes to individual spending – call it allowance, pocket money, mad money, whatever you want. It’s far from extravagant, and a dinner at Seviche for my husband and me can easily blow a week’s worth and then some. But since I first ate there this summer, I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it. While they have half price seviches on Sunday, Sunday is a day to cook a big dinner at home for us – Saturday night is more likely to see us out. I’ve worked out how to enjoy a dinner that will reasonably fill me up and not break the bank though. The trick is to order the right seviche. The $15 Ahi Tuna, glistening red chunks of tuna bathed in sesame, scallion, and ginger, is served in a half coconut shell, garnished with great big tortilla chips. Not only is the tuna generous in proportion, and swimming in tomatoes, tropical fruit and peppers, but its serving receptacle is edible! If you’ve never eaten coconut meat before you’re in for a treat. And if you have, you know it’s well worth it to cast away any semblance of table manners (I sit at the bar) and plunge your knife between the shell and the white meat and carve out big slabs. Ask the friendly waitstaff for some extra chips, and voila! Between the seviche itself, a pile of chips and the sweet coconut meat, you can leave pleasantly full on a $15 dish. 1538 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY, 40205 Phone: 502.473.8560
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