Final thoughts on Waterfront Fashion Week 2012 [Fashion]

Final thoughts on Waterfront Fashion Week 2012 [Fashion]

What did you dislike about Waterfront Fashion Week?

Willis: "There's no food, and you have to pay for your drinks, and that's a high ticket price to not have any kind of hors d'oeuvres or at least one drink ticket."

Rogers McDonald: "I wouldn't say anything I 'dislike.' I think next year, it'll be more publicized. I think a lot of people weren't really aware of it this year. So next year, now that it's sort of gone through its first year, it'll grow up a little bit more, and more people will be excited to come out and support, sponsor, more designers, things of that nature."

Rambo: "The boutque shows. I don't care for 'em. I think if you wanna see what's in the boutique, go to the boutique. I wanna see the collections."

What improvements, if any, would you like to see for 2013?

Hagerty Duffy: "We have a whole list. We'll be going over that for the next month."

Rambo: "I think we could elevate everything. That's what the first year of anything is for, and that includes anything I've ever been a part of, including my blog. I'm a new blogger, so I know that hopefully next year, I'll look back and think, 'Oh my gosh! That was terrible! What was I doing?' And I think Waterfront Fashion Week 2013 will look back and think the same thing: Be proud of what they did, and for taking a chance and a risk, but then also know that they've learned so much and come so far in the preceeding years."

French Henry: "I would like to see even more models for the model competition... It's kinda like a pageant: Your first year, there are a few contestants, and next year, there's double that. So I think it's only gonna grow. And I think just with proper outreach, I would like to see the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning -- which we call DAAP; that's where I graduated from -- I would like to see them participate. They're only an hour and 15 minutes away. But it just takes that first year, and then the next year, you can grab all of those other people."

Willis: "I would like to see the fashion show, the actual catwalk 'up.' I like a stage that is up. I like a fashion show on the floor if the VIP-- the seats around the stage are kinda like theater seating so you can actually see. But if they're not, I like a fashion show that is 'up.'"

Will you be back for Waterfront Fashion Week 2013?

Willis: "Yes! As a sponsor, as well as just an attendee."

Pfanenstiel: "Absolutely."

Rambo: "Absolutely. If they'll have me."

Rogers McDonald: "Of course! Definitely, definitely! Yes!"

French Henry: "Of course I'll be here next year. I plan on being in business, so therefore, I plan on being here next year."

Hagerty Duffy: "That's the plan!"

Photos: Miquelon

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