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The Floyd Film Festival celebrates local short film tonight at the Floyd Theater
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Ladies and gentlemen, I am particularly excited to bring you information of this week's happenings at the University of Louisville Floyd Theater, for it is an event in which I have a vested interest. Tonight – Thursday – the theater will be hosting the Floyd Film Festival, a celebration of shorts by Louisville filmmakers. Prizes will be awarded for First thru Fourth place, as well as for directing, writing, plot and concept, acting, production design, and originality. The following is the list of films (and their creators) to be screened:

Writing the Big One and The Executive – Matt Rivera & Evan Sennett
The People You Meet – Amos Dreisbach
Monkey Mocha Fantastique – William Wallace
Consignment – Justin Hannah
Twirl and Lola & Her Dog – Nathaniel Winckler
Boy Hero – Casey Cooley
Gloria Mundi – Allan Day
Comfortable and 4:54 – Erik Thein
Shakespeare Boxing – Collin Sage
Hand Covers Bruise – Antonio Pantoja and Clay Cook
Life on Canvas – Brelin Tilford
Presumption – Nathaniel Glass
Undeath –Taylor Dekker

There are a few here of particular note: Writing the Big One


The Executive

are homages to film noir and silent slapstick classics, respectively. The filmmakers, Matt Rivera and Evan Sennett, are high school students with a love of old film, and both these films have received great acclaim in local film circles.


was made by Lexington filmmaker Justin Hannah (although several of the actors are Louisvillians and about half the film was made here). It tells the story of a young woman whose man has left her, and what happens when she finds a mysterious box in a consignment store which at first seems to promise happiness. The film has received some fantastic reviews as it makes the festival rounds. Complete information can be found here.


Gloria Mundi

by Allan Day. That's me. This is my film. Forgive my shameless self-promotion.

Gloria Mundi

came about in a burst of inspiration after the director viewed Wim Wenders' gorgeous film

Wings of Desire

. The story takes place in our city, where, invisible to human eyes, angels and demons interact with humanity, providing comfort and temptation. It focuses in particular on an Angel (Jon Ott) and a Demon (Justin Schroeder) who are “professional rivals, yet friends” - until the Angel makes an error and is punished with mortality – and mortals, says the Demon, are “pawns for our entertainment.” This will be the public debut of

Gloria Mundi


The Floyd Film Festival is free and starts at 6:00. The Floyd Theater is located on the third floor of the Student Activities Center on the U of L campus. Complete information can be found at the Facebook event page.

Image: Facebook event page

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