A funny take on Halloween: Project Improv’s Halloweenie Humorfest [Society]

A funny take on Halloween: Project Improv’s Halloweenie Humorfest [Society]

Okay, confession time: I'm a bit of a scaredy cat. Instead of wandering through an old spirit-filled asylum or playing peek-a-boo while watching the latest horror flick, I rather celebrate Halloween by simply dressing up or serving as the candy lady for trick-or-treaters. And as of Thursday, going to comedy shows isn't too shabby, either.

Project Improv, a local comedy group specializing in longform improv, hosted a special Halloweenie Humorfest at the Bard’s Town Theater this past Thursday night. It was a pretty packed house as guests enjoyed a free show filled with laughs.

The word, "asparagus," kicked off the night, serving as a prelude to the random and comedic nature of the show.  Based on a Q&A with the audience, which included questions about the audience's worst Halloween costumes and craziest Halloween memories, the comedians dove right into the first montage. Centered around feedback from the crowd, the first part of the show did everything from mock ghosts to praise men dressed as baboons. The montage even featured a new phenomenon called soup keg stands.

The spontaneity continued with montage two, which consisted of the comedians interjecting random lines into their performance, courtesy of the audience. Before the show, the audience wrote down quotes, song lyrics, and anything that came to mind on scraps of paper, which were randomly used throughout the show. And boy, did they come from left field. This was probably the funniest part of the show, as the audience's random sayings came at the most inopportune - and funny - times, forcing the improv group to hold back their laughter.

The hour and a half show ended with a third montage, where bears took center stage. Bears became code for something else, and I would totally tell you what it meant if it wasn't slightly inappropriate, depending on the reader. Hilarious, but possibly inappropriate.

If you want to be in on some of the inside jokes (I bet you’re really curious about bears now), you can catch Project Improv at the Bard’s Town every last Thursday of each month.

Happy Halloween!

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