Future Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse 12 Step Meeting

Louisville loves zombies. Maybe there's something in the water (the Ohio river always looks a little suspicious). Maybe Thunder Over Louisville is actually an excuse for all those planes to secretly sprinkle the population with an infectious agent that will start the zombie apocalypse. Maybe Louisville really is as weird as we brag it is.  Regardless, there are at least half a dozen zombie themed events scheduled this year. They range from last weekend's zombie tag to Dogged Dream Creations second original zombie music video to the amazingly popular Louisville Zombie Attack every August 29 on Bardstown Road.  This week, instead of celebrating the brainless hordes, the Go Go Guerrilla's are showing a little love for the Future Survivors.  Instead of the usual wine and cheese, they'll be sampling real survival ration bricks and twinkies. There'll be a nerf gun shooting contest as part of future zombie survival training. People are encouraged to bring photos of their loved ones. After all, Mom may have given you life, but once she turns into a zombie, it's you're duty to stop her from eating dad's brains. Shoot first, flinch later.  You can win one of 10 tickets to see "Fight Girl Battle World" at the Alley Theater, a custom creation from Izzy's Little Creepers, a zombie lamb from Hands of Hope, and some other surprises.  Since the Go Go Guerrilla's only reveal the location of their events 24 hours in advance you'll have to join them on Meetup to learn where to find the Future Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. 
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