Good Food And Good Bourbon At Manny And Merle

Good Food And Good Bourbon At Manny And Merle

Last night I had the opportunity to dine at Manny and Merle.  This whiskey hot spot is located on Main Street in the Whiskey Row area.  As I suspected, they have a huge selection of bourbon and whiskey, but they also specialize in tequila.

Billed as a Tex-Mex honky tonk, the menu features many different types of tacos, queso, guacamole, sandwiches, and salads.  We tried three different types of tacos- the crispy fish taco, the pollo rojo taco, and the wild mushroom taco.  They were all amazing, but my absolute favorite was the crispy fish taco.  Something about the flavors and textures was just perfect.

The atmosphere was warm and inviting, within a beautiful, historic building with a full view into the kitchen.  After dinner, we joined The Whisky Chicks on the patio for drinks and socializing.

I ordered my signature Rye Manhattan with Bulleit, which was fantastic.  I counted well over 60 bourbons and whiskeys on the menu, and they have just as many tequilas.  I do love straight bourbon, but when I have the option to have someone make me a kickass cocktail, I always take it.  I’m not much of a mixologist myself, so I usually end up drinking bourbon on the rocks when left to my own devices.

Then someone busted out the Maker’s Mark Cask Strength.  I like Maker’s Mark just fine, though I often tend to pass over it in favor of something a little stronger.  I’m here to tell you, the cask strength is worth a try.  I’m not sure what their exact process is, but I’m guessing this is an unfiltered or lightly filtered product with some of the oils left intact.  The flavor profile is bold and full, with a taste of warm and buttery caramel.  They are still pretty tight-lipped about this product, but it will likely only be available in bars and at the distillery.

Overall, it was a great night at Manny and Merle.  Go for the food, but stay for the bourbon.

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

Cover photo courtesy of Manny & Merle's Facebook page. 

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I'm a Louisville native with a passion for traveling and homegrown tomatoes. I originally intended to cover food and dining news and reviews for, but I've found so much interesting bourbon news out there I'm now the unofficial Bourbon Editor. See bourbon news happening? Contact me!
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