Havana Rumba: The Ideal Excuse to Have a Birthday

Camarones al Ajillo at Havana Rumba

I went to The Taste of Louisville back in October, which is an upscale sampling of Louisville’s best eateries: appetizers, drinks, main dishes, and even (my personal favorite) desserts. Ever since then, I had been craving some flavorsome Havana Rumba. In my mind, it was tied for best meal at The Taste of Louisville. I had to get some more of those succulent plantains. And when my friend Evan decided to celebrate his birthday there, I was doubly as excited.  

Havana Rumba House Mojito    

It makes me feel classy whenever I order drinks with meals. Loved this mojito!

Because I unfortunately did not inherit the trait of my mother’s Swiss watch punctuality, I arrived fashionably late. Despite the fact that I ordered after everyone else was starting to dig in, Havana Rumba’s service was seriously on top of things. The staff was friendly, attentive, and prompt. It was not long at all before I was relishing the fresh and juicy zest of their house mojito. I would return back for the libations alone. The mojito perfectly paired with the cuisine.   

Havana Rumba birthday celebration

Evan, the birthday boy, and his girlfriend Natalie partaking in some culinary birthday cheer!

Camaranes al Ajillo at Havana Rumba

When it came time to pick a meal out of a menu of many terrific-looking options, I knew I needed to order something with plantains. They remain sweetly lodged in your taste memory. This time, the Camarones al Ajillo leapt out at me, as I am a seafood groupie. The sautéed shrimp arrived, steaming and sizzling with olive oil, garlic, and lime juice wafting through the air. Every item, from the shrimp to the saffron rice to those magnificent plantains created a glorious taste bud harmony. It was just as delicious as I remembered.        

Flourless Chocolate Macaroon Cake

Havana Rumba Flourless Chocolate Macaroon Cake

Because I am a dessert enthusiast, I had to order the Flourless Chocolate Macaroon Cake. The coconut was the highlight for me. I would not go back for the cake though. I would return for the drinks, the main dishes, and the amazing service. If you are looking to celebrate your birthday in fiesta-form, Havana Rumba offers a fun and festive setting! 

Birthday Drummer Havana Rumba

They go all out for birthday songs at Havana Rumba. Two thumbs up for percussion!

Havana Rumba festive bar

If you are looking to go out with some friends for drinks, the unique bar decor is totally appreciated. Thank you to my friend Jacob for showcasing the stellar bar stools.

All photos courtesy of Julie Lamb

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