Heartless Bastards provide heart filled performance once again [Music]


This past Saturday Heartless Bastards, and Austin’s Frank Smith (the band, not a man), brought their amazing live performance back to Headliners.  For an earlier start time there was actually a pretty decent turnout as Frank Smith provided a phenomenal performance warming up the crowd.

What was even more astounding was that Heartless Bastards’ front woman, Erika Wennerstrom, took in the entire opening set in amongst the crowd herself.  I had a brief chance to speak with her, vying for a coveted post show interview, but she was keener to see Frank Smith’s set and humbling and polite she agreed to try and chat later.  It was remarkable to me to actually see another musician relish in that of her tour mates’ set really, as that was a fairly new phenomenon.  Personally, it further exemplifies Wennerstrom’s passion for her craft and sincere appreciation of other’s music.

Once Heartless Bastards took the stage, Headliners had a more respectable turnout and they band delivered an always reveled performance.  Playing a couple new tracks, amongst those from The Mountain and Arrow, it really turned out amazingly and Wennerstrom’s sultry vocals proved once again to be a stellar compliment to the perfectly arranged instrumentals.  I may be personally biased here, but Heartless Bastards are just a really solid rock and roll band hands down. 

I had hoped to speak to her afterwards as mentioned, but given that she had many friends in the audience I kindly abstained from over stalking and dampening any positive times for her by my own journalistic prowess.  Once again, she and the rest of the band proved to be down to earth rockers and it was a great night for everyone.  I hope you get to catch them both somewhere down the road as it is really worth it.

Photo Credit: This Guy (penalty for thievery is listening to a compilation of all of the politcal posts on my Facebook newsfeed)

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