Spoon and the Moon: A Naughty Fairy Tale takes Louisville art into the new age of digital literature [Books]

Hey Diddle Diddle: A Naught Fairy Tale takes Louisville art into the new age of

The same wish threatened my enjoyment of the illustrations. The creators trained me so well to touch the drawings from the start of the book; I found myself a little disappointed when touching a bare boobie didn’t do anything. They had me madly pressing any and every corner of the screen to see if I could elicit  a power tool sound or a fun fact about ice cream wars between Michigan and New York.  It made the reading experience so much fun.

Trapdoor by Troubadours of Divine Bliss

Don’t let my enthusiasm about the extras trick you into thinking I do not have even more passion for the tale. I don’t want to sound cliche, but I laughed; I cried. The tale is so enchanting and sweet: a treasure that  you will pull out to read again and again on rainy days or whenever you need a boost in feeling good. Since it’s available for your android mobile device, I’d prescribe it as the perfect cure for traffic court, waiting rooms, and other morbid afflictions like the DMV line. (Disclaimer: Side effects may include embarrassment when others wonder why you’re laughing  uncontrollably or where the farting sound effect just came from.) 

A cup of tea by the fire might be a better setting, but I’d definitely recommend it for whatever ails you; A cure is exactly what it was created to be. Marie wrote the tale when partner Margaret was deathly ill. Margaret looked forward  to every evening when Marie would call her and read another chapter to her. No wonder so much love rolls off each page...errr...screen. 
Margaret and Marie’s extreme attention to detail and  loving auras drip through each page, massaging the reader’s mind until a rosy glow is achieved. They show off their understanding of people, history, ice cream, music and more. Kudos to editor Aletha Fields. I only found one typo through the entire book. The story is more than a love triangle - it’s an all out love fest: everyone and every thing’s invited, including the kitchen sink.  From a moon-loving cow to a colander-loving bowl, a trucker loving drag queen to a redhead loving lesbian, these lusty lovers learn about the trials and titillations of love and lust. Life lessons are doled out by spoons, yard critters and kamikaze moths amidst gossip by yogurt containers and recycling bins.  There is no way that I can do the imparted beautiful wisdoms justice, so I encourage you to indulge yourself by picking up a copy..or maybe I should say clicking up a copy.  Everyone could use a little more love. It’s even better set in Louisville. 
“I have wished for love the exact number of times as there are stars in the universe,” said Ambrosia, the drag queen fashionista, about her giant silent trucker.
“Me, too,” replied Lil.
Me, too
Hot as Hell by Sarah Sharp
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