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Historic Preservation To Benefit From Art Eatbles Chocolates
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Art Eatables has won a special place in my heart over the last year.  I first discovered this awesome company at the 2014 Bourbon Classic, where they were serving up some phenomenal bourbon truffles.  These hand-crafted truffles feature a different bourbon for each, totaling twenty different and distinct bourbon truffles.  Each truffle has an edible logo on top denoting which distillery the spirits came from.

Now they have partnered with Preservation Louisville to create candy collections featuring local artwork that will raise money to preserve our historic places.  Each box will cost $12, and a portion of the proceeds will go to Preservation Louisville.  The collections are unique to each box, for a total of five distinct collections so far.  Each collection features unique artwork by Alicia Dawn Criswell.  The descriptions from Art Eatables’ website:

  • The Brennan House box features our Live Weller Truffle™ (made with W.L. Weller™ Special Reserve), the Kyrish Truffle™ (featuring Pearse Lyons Reserve® Malt Whiskey – an Irish-style whiskey made in Kentucky), our popular Bourbon-smoked Sea Salt Caramel and two of our Mint Chimères.

  • The Conrad-Caldwell House box includes our Angelic Truffle™ (made with Angel’s Envy® bourbon finished in port barrels), our minty Grasshopper Truffle™, the Cinnamon Cayenne Caramel and a pair of our Orange Chimères in milk chocolate.

  • The Farmington collection introduces our first Rye Whiskey truffle…Young Abe’s Truffle™ made with Old Overholt® rye whiskey, rumored to be Abe Lincoln’s favorite whiskey. We also have our Signature Black Cherry Truffle™ that features Red Stag® by Jim Beam® Black Cherry, a delectable Spiced Apple caramel and two Dark Chocolate Chimères.

  • Whitehall’s special collection contains our Kentucky’s First Truffle™ (made with Evan Williams® 1783 bourbon), a moonshine truffle that features MB Roland® Kentucky Blackberry Moonshine, a Buttered Rum caramel and a pair of my personal favorite Pineapple Chimères. (I don’t even like white chocolate, and the Pineapple Chimères still rock!)

  • The sampling we created for the Thomas Edison House might be the best of the series. If features our Friendly Fo’ Truffle™ (highlighting Old Forester® Bourbon) and a moonshine truffle with MB Roland® St. Elmo’s Fire cinnamon cayenne moonshine that brings a gentle heat to the dark chocolate. A Bourbon Orange caramel and two Coconut Chimères round out the set.

These chocolates are available at Art Eatables at 631 South Fourth Street.  There is also the option of ordering and picking up at Celebrations in the East End if you don’t want to drive downtown.  They will also be available on Amazon.com soon.

These collections will have a limited run of a year, and already almost two months of that has gone by.  I suggest picking these up soon!

Photos Courtesy of Art Eatables

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