Human beatbox Biz Markie, dancing green beans highlight ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ live show [Family and parenting]


We were pretty excited to see the live stage version of the Nick Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba! yesterday. Our family, including our two-year-old daughter, had caught the act back in the spring in Cincinnati, and were thrilled to learn that the tour had been extended to play two shows in Louisville, at the Palace. 

As with the Cincinnati show, we were not disappointed by the onstage presence of DJ Lance Rock, Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodie and Plex. With favorite songs such as “Don’t Be Afraid,” “Hugs are Fun,” “Bubbles” and “Party in My Tummy”—complete with dancing cheese and green beans encouraging kids to try new foods—the (literally) animated group engaged kids and their parents alike. 


Brobee rocks out with his food. 

Brobee rocks out with his food. 

On the guest front, Chicago trio Unicycle Loves You performed a number for the “Super Music Friends Show” segment and comedienne Leslie Hall* led the crowd in trying out a few dance moves. The most rapturous reception came for Biz Markie, the “human beatbox” whose classic 1989 hit “Just a Friend” made him a MTV fixture. Markie, sitting on the lip of the stage, invited up about a dozen kids to try their hand at beatboxing—with often hilarious results.


Biz and just his friends. 


There were two significant differences between the Cincinnati and Louisville shows. (We attended the earlier of the two Palace shows.) One, the Louisville show took place at one o’clock on a Monday, where the Cincinnati one was on a Saturday; as a result, the attendance at the Palace was definitely down compared to the March sellout. On a more positive note, though, the stars were a lot more interactive with the local audience, as the cast came down the middle aisle on the way back from intermission, stopping for pictures and hugs with the crowd. (While I got a hug from Muno, my daughter seemed a little overwhelmed by these larger-than-life creatures before her eyes.) At a well-attended afterparty, kid-friendly activities abounded and DJ Lance read a story to his young fans. This engagement more than made up for the smaller attendance; even while not a doorbuster, “Yo Gabba Gabba! Live” still was a heck of a party in my city.


DJ Lance tells a story. 

DJ Lance tells a story. 

*I lost a bet with my husband over this. Although I knew it was a long shot that they’d get My Morning Jacket, I was convinced Terry Meiners would show up to do the Dancey Dance. That guy is everywhere.


Leslie and Muno do the Peanut Butter Stomp. 

Leslie and Muno do the Peanut Butter Stomp. 

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Photos: Eve Bohakel Lee

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