Indie Film Night presents a free screening of 'Clerks' with special guest Brian O'Halloran

Indie Film Night presents a free screening of 'Clerks' with special guest Brian

Several years ago, there was a television commercial for IBM (I believe) wherein a man walked into an office building and was immediately greeted with applause and high fives; this is the man who had designed a revolutionary new microchip or something, and the tagline was, “Our rock stars are not your rock stars.” In the world of indie filmmaking, there are Rock Stars; role models, people who just wanted to make movies and did so, and now are big bold names in the film scene, while actively championing the role of the low-budget independent filmmaker. Robert Rodriguez is one; anyone who wants to make movies should read his book “Rebel Without a Crew,” his account of how he made El Mariachi, the film that launched him into stardom. Lloyd Kaufman is a personal favorite, the patriarch of Troma, purveyors of the weird, the obscene, the anti-budget. Read his book “Make Your Own Damn Movie.” And, of course, Kevin Smith.

Clerks is legendary; Smith wanted to make a movie, so he grabbed some friends together and did just that, and the result is a funny and insightful look at the customer service industry. Brian O'Halloran plays Dante, a convenience store clerk compelled to come in to work on his day off. Jeff Anderson is Randall, who works at the nearby video store and regularly closes up shop to come hang out with Dante. Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith are the iconic Jay and Silent Bob, two drug dealers who hang around outside. The film is about all the wacky shenanigans that occur over the course of one work day.

On May 1, Indie Film Night presents a very special event: a free screening of Clerks with Brian O'Halloran himself in attendance! There are only a limited amount of tickets and they can be presumed to go fast, so act quick. They can be obtained at the Customer Service desk at Stonybrook Theaters or at Wild and Woolly Video – where O'Halloran will be on May 1 at 3:00 to sign autographs.

Stonybrook is located at 2745 S. Hurstbourne Parkway. Complete information about this event can be found on Facebook, at the event page or the Indie Film Night page.

Image: Internet Movie Database

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