International Medium Francesca Kimpton is coming to Louisville with messages from beyond [Lyndon]


Francesca Kimpton, International Medium, is coming to Louisville this Saturday, June 19, at the Center for Integrative Health, 105 N. Lyndon Lane, for a Demonstration of Mediumship from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.


An acclaimed medium in the UK, she's developed a reputation for her talent in the United States, and frequently travels between New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Northern California, and even Kentucky.  After a 3-year absence, she's back in Louisville for a friend's wedding, and felt it was time to share her talents with us again.


When I asked what she'd say to skeptics, she said, "Come see for themselves!"  She told me the story of two widowed partners who'd been together for a couple years.  "The man was so petrified that his dead wife would come through, he wouldn't even stand next to me", even though he'd claimed to not believe in her abilities.  "Most skeptics are rather fearful," she said.


Francesca doesn't know who is going to come through at any given time.  She says she taps into messages from the other side much like a phone call. Just because the living can easily contact us, Francesca says we too easily dismiss the messages our loved ones are trying to send us from the other side.


Jokingly, I asked if she sees and hears things all the time.  "If I did, I'd be in a straight jacket!  No, it's controlled," assuring me that when she does see something immediately, it's an emergency, much like when anyone contacts us urgently.


Francesca explained that most people have a natural ability to receive messages from the other side, but they don't know how to tap into those messages.  "People think they don't have to acknowledge them like they do when someone calls [on the phone]."  But, if you can't tap into the messages from your own dearly departed, perhaps Francesca can.  While she can't say who might show up Saturday night to give you a message, quite possibly you'll get a message from someone.  Francesca will spend the evening passing messages to as many audience members as possible, "proving beyond doubt the existence of an afterlife."


For more information about Francesca Kimpton, to contact her, or buy tickets to Saturday's event, visit her website at  Seating is limited, so get your tickets today!


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