The Julep 2012 was a celebrity-studded evening [Food & Dining]


Next we talked with Max Adler, actor best known from Glee. Adler’s horse pick to win the Kentucky Derby is Daddy Nose Best.  Jenna teaches music at a grade school and formed a ‘Glee Club’. When asked what advice he would give to her students he said, “It’s all about being yourself.” Max was very friendly and a joy to talk to.

Dr. James R. Ramsey, UofL’s president, was next down the red carpet followed by Angie Johnson, singer on The Voice and her husband. Angie’s Kentucky Derby horse is On Fire Baby. 

Miss Kentucky, Lee Ann Herring Olvedo, worked the red carpet next. She had two Kentucky Derby horses picked out: Daddy Nose Best and Union Rags.

Then one of the celebrities we were most excited to meet came down the red carpet, Doris Roberts, actress well known for being Marie Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond. She was funny to talk to and said she didn’t have a particular Kentucky Derby horse picked out yet, but she would pick the horse with the best name. She accidently knocked my wine over, but didn’t seem to notice. I’ll have a memento of a wine stained program. It’s all good Doris. You can knock my wine over any day.

Mark Hapka, an American film and television actor, told us his Kentucky Derby horse is the one that looks the fastest. How he decides which one looks the fastest we don’t know.

The best strategy for picking a Kentucky Derby horse came from Jonathan Kite. His strategy is to smell the jockey. Then whoever smells like ‘shit’ the most will be the winner. It’s an interesting strategy for sure, not sure where it came from. Jonathan did not currently have a particular jockey sniffed out yet.

Then another of our favorite celebrities came down the red carpet. Rodney Atkins and his band talked to us about their Kentucky Derby horse picks. They started naming off horse names I didn’t recognize. I guess I looked confused or they were making fun of me for looking like I knew what they were talking about because one of them pointed out they were naming off micro brews: English Breakfast, Northern Lights, etc. That would explain why I didn’t recognize any of those horse names.  They were all really fun to talk to.

Then Zach Bryan, actor from Home Improvement, and a girl he was with arrived on the red carpet. They literally ran through the red carpet like he was in the Kentucky Derby. It was obvious he didn’t want any pictures, interviews, or any socializing with the media. He was snagged by Mark Hapka to take a group photo, but he didn’t seem too thrilled about it. We didn’t bother approaching him the rest of the night. It is a fundraiser; you’d think he would be more obliging. It’s not like we were all paparazzi showing up at his home or getting all up in his business. We found it to be rude.

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