Kentucky Derby 2012 celebrity rankings [Horse racing]

Kentucky Derby 2012 celebrity rankings

34. Brad Garrett—It's been off the air for seven years but apparently Louisville still loves Raymond.

33. Doris Roberts—It's been off the air for seven years but apparently Louisville still loves Raymond.

32. Danny Glover—The 65-year-old actor is 6 foot 3 inches tall but had a peak height of 6 feet 4 inches, according to Wikipedia.

31. Christian Siriano—This fashion designer was the subject of an article in Bitch magazine, titled "Is Christian Siriano Making A Hot Mess of the Term 'Tranny'?." Who knew such a thing was possible!

30. Charlie Strong—It's Kentucky and football ain't basketball.

29. Anthony Davis—And the run of University of Kentucky players and coaches starts here…

28. Darius Miller—See Anthony Davis (ranks higher because he stayed all four years).

27. John Calipari*—See Anthony Davis (*-would rank higher if I was certain his national championship was going to stay on the books).

26. Josh Dallas—A local prince!

25. Ginnifer Goodwin—Crap, the local prince is bringing his girlfriend.

24. Oscar Nunez—Pro: He's on The Office. Con: It's the American version.

23. Kate Flannery—Pro: She's on The Office. Con: It's the American version.

22. Nora RobertsPer Wikipedia (journalism tip: never start a sentence with "per Wikipedia"), eight of her books have been adapted into Lifetime television for women made-for-TV movies, meaning you've likely spent a hungover Sunday enjoying her work.

21. Quinron Aarnon—I'm afraid to rank The Blind Side star lower lest Leigh Anne Tuohy drive up from Memphis and give me a stern talking to.

20. Dennis Haysbert—This former professional baseball player and U.S. president would rank higher if the press release about his appearance didn't also mention his stint as the Allstate pitchman.

19. Jonathan Kite—A TV actor on a hit-ish show at the beginning of it's run? How refreshing.

18. T.I.—Who doesn't love Speak & Spell?

17. Kid Rock—Rumor has it he'll be sleeping in the dumpster behind the Egg Roll Machine.

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