Kentucky Film Industry Welcomes “Pleased to Meet Me”


Making headlines across the country, the film “Pleased to Meet Me,” produced by Kentuckians Archie Borders and Michael Fitzer, returns to Louisville, the site of its filming, for a two-night premiere event. 

The Kentucky Center for the Arts premiers “Pleased to Meet Me” Saturday, Feb 15th and Lexington Theatre hosts the premier Sunday, Feb. 16th.

When rocker, Pete Jones, finds himself in unexpected trouble, he turns to former producer turned radio reporter Laura Klein for help digging out of a bankruptcy threat and lawsuit from his label.  The film, “Pleased to Meet Me,” based on the PRI radio story “Everyone Speaks Elton John” by Starlee Kine, will make audiences walk away knowing that music is a gift.   Not only is music a gift, but making music seems to hold the possibilities for even bigger gifts in life. 

Starring in “Pleased to Meet Me” is Academy Award nominee Aimee Mann, three-time Grammy winner Joe Henry, two-time Grammy winner Loudon Wainwright, and rock legend John Doe.  This exceptional cast of characters joined producers, Kentuckians Archie Borders and Michael Fitzer, in Louisville in summer of 2012 to make the music and the place come to the screen. 

Filming in locations around Louisville, such as the Brown Theatre, “Pleased to Meet Me” reminds us of what it’s like for people to come together, overcome unseen obstacles, and make something beautiful-music, that is. 

To support the Kentucky arts and film industry and become a sponsor of one of the two night events, contact 180-degree production company.  

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