Kentucky Shakespeare presents 'The Princess Bride' in Central Park

Kentucky Shakespeare presents 'The Princess Bride' in Central Park

Recently, I've written articles about various beloved films of the 1980s, films like Ghostbusters and The Goonies. Movies that my generation are supposed to love and revere as masterpieces of nostalgic cinema, not to be criticized, not to be questioned. Imagine the stares I get when I declare that I feel The Goonies to be overrated, the looks of sadness I get when I say that I only saw Ghostbusters once, years ago, and though I liked it, I don't really remember much of it at all. My peers exhibit a genuine sadness, which is truly amusing to behold. This article is the third installment in my “Nostalgic '80s Trilogy” (a concept which occurred to me literally right this minute), but this time, I'm pleased to report, I'm firmly on board, for this was my favorite movie as a kid.

The Princess Bride. Who doesn't love it? Who doesn't look back on it with tender fondness? I don't think there's a single person in my generation who can't recite basically the entire movie. Surely I don't even need to explain the premise, but just in case: Fred Savage is sick, and so his grandfather, Peter Falk, comes to visit, bringing with him a book - “The Princess Bride.” Fred Savage is a modern kid from the '80s, into video games and such, and turns his nose up at the idea of reading. But he soon becomes invested in the story: two lovers torn apart, as Westley is presumed killed by pirates after leaving his soulmate, Buttercup, to seek his fortune. Buttercup, heart hardened, is engaged to Prince Humperdinck, a puny man with a dastardly plan. It's all complicated when Buttercup is rescued/captured by the Dread Pirate Roberts – killer of Westley.

Tonight, Monday, Kentucky Shakespeare presents a free screening of The Princess Bride at Central Park in Old Louisville. Central Park is located between 4th and 6th Streets to the east and west, and Park and Magnolia Avenues to the north and south. The film starts at 9:30. Complete information can be found at the Kentucky Shakespeare website.

(A side note: “Humperdinck” is a ridiculous name, but you should definitely check out the song “Lesbian Seagull” by Engelbert. You're welcome.)

Image: Internet Movie Database

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