Louisville's Trifecta Sauce Company Reveals New Look Steeped in Tradition

Trifecta's new label design

The Louisville brand Trifecta Sauce Company added a new bourbon-based marinade to its line of gourmet barbecue this week, along with a new look that reflects the growth and sophistication of this proud Kentucky business.


Trifecta’s history began in 1996 in the kitchen of co-founder, Matt Trimpe, when he ran out of barbecue for a backyard cookout. With only a few ingredients at hand, he concocted a recipe that developed over the years into the sauce he’s famous for today. In 2010, co-owners Trimpe, Matt Robbins, and Jason Jones officially founded Trifecta Sauce Company, and have since provided three unique flavors free of gluten and artificial preservatives: Original, Blazing, and Sweet Heat.

In honor of the 2014 Kentucky Derby, the growing business introduced a marinade flavored in local heritage: Kentucky Bourbon. For Matt Robbins, this addendum provided an opportunity. “Expanding our line of barbecue sauces by adding a marinade was the perfect opportunity to unveil the redesign of our brand,” he said.

Trifecta's early label featured a wonderful illustration by Minnesota artist, Cedric Hohnstadt. Colorful and vibrant, it played on the company’s name: “Trifecta” refers to the three meats best for grilling - chicken, pork, and beef; and paid homage to local pride with a Derby setting (a “trifecta” refers to the first three horses to finish a race).

It was wonderful, eye-catching work, but the founders felt it was time for a change.

Working with New York-based marketing firm, Stranger & Stranger, and local designer, Hill Harcourt, they developed a brand identity that conveys pride, tradition, and experience in a way that stands out in a crowded market: they went vintage. By nature, the vintage or retro style implies age and experience. Trifecta felt this implication was appropriate, given their 18 years of working with barbecue. Furthermore, the vintage style is popular throughout the bourbon market. Indeed, the new Trifecta bottle almost looks like a bourbon bottle, calling to mind Kentucky's state heritage.

A far cleaner design, too, Robbins said, “Our new label is a terrific representation of our sauces, which are all natural.”

The real homerun of the new design, however, is the color palette. In a market inundated with bold, mesquite imagery, perhaps less is more. Trifecta’s soft palette stands out with a confident sophistication that doesn’t need to be loud for attention.

“We started the business in my partner’s kitchen," Robbins said, "and are thrilled today to be a national brand with Kentucky Proud recognition.”

The new label reflects that history and pride with a unique design sure to be recognized on shelves. Trifecta Sauce Company's signature sauces can be found in grocery stores and independent retailers all throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Ohio.

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Early Trifecta Design
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