Local Business Closures - A New Year Epidemic


The world certainly didn't close its doors as predicted in 2012, but some of Louisville's local businesses have. While "epidemic" may be a bit of a hyperbole, there were quite a few surprising closes in the past few months.

Of course, the big news right now is the startling and sudden shut down of Lynn's Paradise Cafe, a Louisville landmark and must-visit restaurant for some. As this scandalous shut down is making its rounds in the news, some other businesses are disappearing as well.

Coco's Chocolate Cafe, a Bardstown Road delicacy, quietly shut its doors for good at the end of December. There was no mention of the closing on their website or Facebook page, even days before their set closure. A couple of days after their final rounds of drinking chocolates and fondues, the owner, Fred, wrote, "It is true Coco's Chocolate Cafe has closed its location. Our wholesale business will live on, though." So you can still get your chocolate fix, just in advance and potentially large quantities.

China III/The Bamboo House, which used to be the best fast-food Chinese in town, so say some of my friends, sadly caught fire at the end of October. It currently remains standing with boarded-up windows and a curious, yet unreadable from the street, poster board sign.

A great local sandwich shop hidden away on Baxter Ave, Joe Davola's is no longer serving their lunch specialties. The City Cafe next door to Baxter Avenue Theatres has also disappeared as well as Burger's Market.

It's sad to see local favorites close (I know I'll definitely miss Jod Davola's), but instead of moping that you can't go to your old favorite, find a new local favorite! I know I've definitely made it a goal to try out some new local places in 2013.

About Jennifer Kiefer
Germantown transplant. Louisville native.
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