Local filmmaker talks 'Wingman' [Movies]

Local filmmaker talks 'Wingman' [Movies]

Do you have any future projects of your own [planned]? Do you write at all?

“There’s a few that I have written that I’m not ready to tackle yet… But there is one that we started work on last summer called ‘Handyman.’ It’s a slasher/suspense film. We shot a prologue for it and we’re looking to get back into production later on this year… But since we finished ‘Wingman’ I’ve been working mostly on other peoples’ projects, getting more integrated into the film community, because I just kind of jumped in feet-first… so I’m trying to get more acquainted with the people who do this kind of thing.”

As a member of the local film community, what are your views on the film scene around Louisville?

“I think it’s great. I think there’s a lot of interesting things going on and I think it’s kind of on the cusp that Austin was a few years ago and then Philadelphia even before that and… there are several filmmakers that could potentially burst out of this scene and move on to bigger and better things.”

Who are some filmmakers you admire overall?

“I’ve always been a fan of Kubrick. [As for] modern filmmakers, I’d probably say the Coen Brothers. It’s hard for me to narrow it down. I try to see as much as I can, so it’s hard for me to pick favorites.”

As ‘Wingman’ is a superhero movie, do you like superhero movies in general?

“In general, I wouldn’t say I’m all that into or obsessive over superhero movies; there are definitely some good ones and there are definitely plenty that leave a lot to be desired. I’m looking forward to the ‘Avengers’ movie; I hope that it’s actually got some substance to it. Of course, what Christopher Nolan is doing with the ‘Batman’ series, I’m interested to see how he wraps all that up.”

“Wingman” plays at Comedy Caravan this upcoming Monday, March 26, at 8:00. Entertainment for the night includes a band playing before the show, stand-up comedy from Wingman himself, Kent Carney (who was voted as Best Comedian in the LEO Reader’s Choice Awards two years in a row), and other special guest performances, as well as the film itself – and all this for $5.00! Details for the event can be found at the event’s Facebook page.

Image: event page on Facebook.

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