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Hello, my name is Ashlie Stevens, and I am an addict. 

Euphemisms such as caseophile, fromage fanatic, or cheddar-hound do not adequately describe my condition. The one and only indelible (delectable) truth is that I am addicted to cheese. And I have it planned out – down to the exact minute and location – where I am going to get my fix again. 

Tuesday, January 21st.  7:00pm. 3717 Lexington Road.

At that time, Lotsa Pasta will be offering the chance to taste and learn about a variety of aged Parmigiano Reggiano. Included in this tasting is an in-depth look at the history of one of the world's most famous cheeses. Lotsa Pasta’s resident cheesemonger will touch on the process of how the cheese is made, the different aspects of Parmigiano Reggiano through the aging process, and more – all important factors in choosing the best quality cheese. 

The cost—other than inevitable damage to my waistline and willpower—is only $10 per person. 

However, space is limited for this event, so in-store sign up begins today, or you can also call (502) 896-6361

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Freelance writer based in Louisville, Kentucky. Writing curator of eclectic experience.

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