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Our mission is to celebrate and support Louisville’s diverse independent restaurants and their many contributions to our community

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Why should you care about your local independent restaurants?  There are many reasons, among them:

In food and atmosphere, local restaurants reflect the unique character of our city.  Whether you choose a casual ethnic eatery, a fine French restaurant, or a neighborhood joint dishing up down-home southern fare, the food and experience you get at our independent restaurants is only available in Louisville.  And it will be served up with the warm hospitality and natural graciousness our city is known for.

Local restaurants also contribute to the vibrant cultural life of our community.  A flourishing independent restaurant scene is a sure sign that other “arts” are thriving and equally well-supported.  Believe it or not, an active independent restaurant scene is right up there with good schools and housing stock as one of the top reasons sophisticated business people and companies give for favoring one community over another when making relocation decisions. 

Of course, there are also financial reasons for selecting independent restaurants as your choice when dining out.  For one thing, your dollars spent in a locally owned restaurant stay in your community.  Two recent studies have proven conclusively that 73% of dollars spent with independent retailers stay in the community, while only 43% of dollars spent with national chains remain. 

Your support of local restaurants also becomes support of local charities.  Some of the charities supported by our members include:  Dare to Care, March of Dimes, House of Ruth, St. Joseph’s Children’s Home, Highland Community Ministries, Home of the Innocents, St Baldrick’s (National Childhood Cancer Foundation), American Red Cross, the Shamrock Society, Public Radio Partnership, Actors Theatre of Louisville and many others, including the many benefits and fundraisers put on by schools, churches and small non-profit groups throughout the year.

Finally, consider what make a city into a livable, desirable community?  Certainly a world-class city is impossible without a world-class group of independent restaurants, but what makes a place home?. 

As Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, CVS, and Starbucks continue to cut a swath through the Main Streets of America, the environment becomes less and less hospitable to the independent operators who know and love their customers.   The neighborhood hardware store, the corner drugstore, the local bookstore or record shop, and the independent restaurant will be lost forever without a conscious decision by consumers to support the locally owned shops and eateries that make their city unique.

What restaurants are part of Louisville Originals?

ARTEMISIA                                     620 E. Market St.                    583-4177

ASIATIQUE                                     1767 Bardstown Rd.                451-2749

AUGUST MOON                              2269 Lexington Rd.                 456-6569

BAXTER STATION                         1201 Payne St.                        584-1635

BROWNING’S BREWERY             401 E. Main St.                       515-0174

CAFR LOU LOU                              1800 Frankfort Ave.                893-7776

CAFE MTERO                                  1700 Bardstown Rd.               458-4830

COACH LAMP                                  751 Vine  St.                          583-9165

CUMBERLAND BREWS                 1576 Bardstown                     458-8727

DE LA TORRES / LA BODEGA     1606 Bardstown Rd.               456-4955

EL MUNDO                                      2345 Frankfort Ave.                899-9930

EQUUS / JACK’S BAR                    122 Sears Ave.                        897-9721

THE IRISH ROVER                         2319 Frankfort Ave.                899-3544

IRISH ROVER, TOO                        117 E. Main St. LaGrange      222-2286

JARFI’S BISTRO                             501 W. Main St.                      589-5060

L & N WINE BAR and BISTRO      1765 Mellwood Ave.               897-0070

LENTINI’S                                        1543 Bardstown Rd.               459-3020 

MELILLO’S                                      829 E. Market St.                    540-9975

NAPA RIVER GRILL                      3938 Dupont Circle                 893-0141

PARK PLACE on MAIN                  401 E. Main St.                       515-0172

PALERMO VIEJO                            1359 Bardstown Rd.               456-6461

THE PATRON                                  3400 Frankfort Ave.                896-1661

SAFFRON’S                                      131 W. Market St.                  584-7800

UPTOWN CAFE                               1624 Bardstown Rd.               458-4212

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