The Louisville Palace Wedding Show a smash hit at the box office

The Louisville Palace Wedding Show a smash hit at the box office

While the grooms were shooting pool and being shaved on the second floor, The Crashers were rocking the first floor, with lead vocalist Mark Maxwell singing covers from Neil Diamond, Journey and The B-52s to attendees throughout the venue, thanks to the power of wireless. In between sets, Crashers drummer and booker Max Maxwell told that though they’ve been at bridal shows in the past, the Palace Wedding Show “was the first bridal show [they’ve] played… everyone is so worried about how loud [their sets] would be. [We’re] real conscious of all the other vendors, so we wanna make sure that they’re able to do business, and not driving them crazy.” Guitarist Howard Gittli added that a lot of brides had asked about the band, including bookings through the end of 2014.

The co-producers also had success for their photography businesses. “I’ve talked to probably 20 or 30 brides so far,” said Murphy, “that are really interested. I could not have expected this to be any better,” noting to that when she arrived to set-up, there was a line waiting to get into the show. Armbrust said he had “a bunch of people through the [Boudoir Louisville] booth, and a bunch of appointments. Everybody seems to be having a good time,” he continued. “There’s more food than you can shake a stick at, so that’s a good problem to have.”

“I thought the show was wildly successful,” O’Bryan stated at the end of the night. “I’ve really not ever seen so many happy vendors and excited brides to be at a wedding show. And I am blown away by the success of our first show… almost to the point [that] it makes me a little verklempt… I think the vendors saw some great success with the attendance. I think the brides are very engaged, and I think that we brought the brides out that would court these vendors.” Regarding future plans for next year’s show and beyond, she said that she does plan to make this an annual event for the historic theater, especially now that there is a template in place to help smooth the rough edges from the first year. As for the Palace itself hosting weddings, O’Bryan said that she had “a handful of brides” she thought would be interested, with plans to bring them in and book them, allowing the venue to be “the next premiere wedding venue in the city.”

Photos: Miquelon.

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