Louisville restaurant menus may start providing nutritional info [Health/Fitness]



Soon you will be made well aware of your nutritional intake at some Louisville restaurants.

Thanks to the Healthy Hometown Menu Labeling Initiative, local restaurants with fewer than 20 locations are able to get nutritional and financial support to add calorie counts for their menu items.

Metro Public Health and Wellness Director, Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt, says it’s just another weapon in the fight against obesity:

“Research tells us that families eat out an average of four times per week and adults and children consume about one-third of their calories from restaurants.”

Restaurants who become Healthy Hometown Restaurants are given tools to improve their nutrition-factor, such as:

  • Registered Dietitians to analyze menu items
  • Local chefs to reformulate recipes to make them healthier
  • New menu boards
  • Restaurants will agree to have nutritional information about their products (including total calories, fat, sodium and carbohydrates) in writing on the premises and available upon customer request

Note that this information might not be displayed right on the menu or even in a noticeable location since the rules only require the information to be “in writing on the premises and available upon customer request.” Be sure to ask your server where you can find the information.

Some of the restaurants that have signed up for the initiative include the Bristol, Ramsi’s, and Yang Kee Noodle. For a full list, click here. Only time will tell how Bristol’s Green Chili Wontons will fair in this nutritional exposé.

According to research, when nutritional information is provided, a customer will order 100 fewer calories. This can add up to significant weight loss over time. The HHR initiative should help people make smarter choices and ultimately encourage restaurants to make recipes more nutritious.

If you love this idea, ask the manager at your favorite restaurants to sign up for the initiative.

For more information, contact Patrick Rich, Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness, at 574-6690 or 333-4238.

Photo Source: CarbonNYC via Flickr Creative Commons

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