Louisvillians, cover your ash: clean air rally at LG&E plant [News]


Weak sauce ingredients include: a taste of cadmium, strong notes of arsenic, a touch of chromium, a hint of lead, a dash of selenium, and an unhealthy heaping of others. Combine mixture and be horrified.

This Thursday March 17th from 5 to 7 p.m. Louisville residents and Cane Run activists plan to rally in support of increased US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. The Sierra Club and Louisville Residents for Power Plant Justice are organizing the event.

Rally will assemble at the riverwalk side of the LG&E Cane Run Plant. Park at Nana's Country Kitchen. Drinks are on Nana.

Many Louisville residents--particularly Rubbertown citizens--are affected by the dirty coal ash emissions, suffering incrfeasingly from cancer, learning disabilities, birth defects and respiratory illnesses. Though the Rubbertown is a relative hot zone, it being nuzzled next to the LG&E Cane Run Plant, the effects are noted city wide.

The bill that representative Joni Jenkins proposed, House Bill 237, would establish much needed safety standards regarding coal ash containment. The bill demands emergency backup plans in the very possible event of a coal ash spill. The bill would make proper coal ash containments such as state-of-the-art liners to prevent the continuation of toxic chemical seepage into our ground and water supply a prerequisite.

House Bill 237 won't kill the damage done by dry ash coal fields, but it's a start. Roud your selves up Louisvillians and show up at the clean air rally outside of the LG&E's coal-powered plant on Cane Run Road Thursday. Give a care about Louisville's environment!

Photo courtesy: Keith Salyer

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