Louisvillians represent as Trampled by Turtles and Honey Honey sell out Headliners [Music]


Now that summer has officially ended most are done with music festivals and a bit ‘concert hung-over’ around here it seems.  I get that we’ve been a bit concert spoiled but it was actually somewhat pleasuring to see people get turned away last night due to a sold out show.  Not that I always enjoying lathering up with another’s misery soap, but the bands on stage last night deserved a packed house plain and simple.

I always try and get there early for acts I don’t know and last night I’m especially glad I did.  Honey Honey warmed up the crowd with an amazing alt-country, howling blues sound sprinkled with the amazing vocals, banjo picking, and fiddle playing of the fronting vixen Suzanne Santo.  As you already know about my penchant for bands with female lead singers that beast, it was to my true delight to find that Honey Honey fits just perfectly into that wheelhouse.  Santo’s vocals were absolutely stunning and per the band’s Facebook page, people came all the way from Columbus just to see them.  I mean I drove to Atlanta to see Pearl Jam this year, but really?  I would have certainly, snobbishly, scoffed at such a trek but upon hearing and seeing them, I can’t really blame Mr. Buckeye.

After a some members of TBT sat in with Honey Honey on a couple songs as well, they wrangled up together and took to the stage greeting the sold out house to roars of jubilation.  Homeboy I was next to drove up from Nashville after first hearing them there a couple weeks earlier, buying their latest CD, and vowing to hit all the ‘local’ shows he could.  Admirable as TBT crushed their set all around, the sold out crowd was elated, and people from miles around really came out to hear both bands.  Someone told me recently that they were a bit surprised I like TBT as they thought them to be a bit ‘hippie’ and must obviously consider me some conservative Romney rallying Alex P. Keaton.  Whatever the case, these lads from Minnesota deliver an amazingly soulful powerful sound with just vocals, guitars, a bass, fiddle, banjo, and people come from miles to see them.  Glad one of them was me.

Photo Credit: Brandie Story

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