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Well folks we are deep into the first ever Mascot tournament challenge, to recap coming out of the Private School mascot bracket is the St. X Tiger while the Christian Academy of Louisville Centurion won out in the Independent School bracket. Quick reminder: this is a tournament where school’s mascots go head to head, yesterday was the first round from the Public School bracket and twenty mascots became ten, today the second round commences.

The Butler Bear vs. The Doss Dragon

The Bear would have a size advantage on almost every being on Earth except for the dragon, and I can’t overemphasize this enough the dragon can breathe fire and fly. Now, until I see a grizzly with wings that’s going to be a tall order for the Butler Bear.

Winner: The Doss Dragon

The Manual Ram vs. The Fern Creek Tiger

These two are actually relatively evenly matched, what the Tiger lacks in strength it makes up for in speed and quickness, and what the Ram lacks in quickness it makes up for with raw power. At the end of the day it comes down to the Tiger’s stealthiness and agility, if the Ram can’t get a good shot on you the odds are in your favor.

Winner: The Fern Creek Tiger

The Iroquois Raider vs. The Pleasure Ridge Park Panther

The Raider is going to try to match strength with the Panther one-on-one its in his nature, and unfortunately that’s one battle the Raider comes up on the losing end with.

The Southern Trojan vs. The Valley Viking

This is pretty even they both are solid fighters and posses the needed strength, speed, and agility to excel in such pursuits. However, the Viking comes prepared with his wits about him. While the Trojan rushes in, the Viking retaliates by understanding his competitor.

Winner: The Valley Viking

The Shawnee Golden Eagle vs. The Brown Bear

Despite possessing quickness and the gift of flight, the bear dominates the Eagle with raw power, strength and size.

Winner: The Brown Bear

And, with today’s competition we are down to the final four in this bracket. When are competitors return they will face off yet again, in an attempt to be crowned the regional champion of the Public bracket, our next match-ups include The Doss Dragon vs. The Fern Creek Tiger and The Valley Viking vs. The Brown Bear.

Image courtesy of cksinfo

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