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Let me welcome you once again to the Mascot Tournament challenge- which is in honor of the high school football season getting underway. Over the previous two days, we saw the Christian Academy of Louisville Centurion beat out a field of eight mascots to win out the Independent Private School bracket. Our next bracket is by far the smallest and has been dubbed simply the Private School Bracket, in it is only four mascots, however they’re four powerhouses.

DeSales Colt vs. Holy Cross Cougar

Up first in this bracket is the Kentucky themed Colt from DeSales taking on the Cougar from Holy Cross, as fast and strong as the Colt is though it just can’t compete with the cunning and overall viciousness of the Cougar.

Winner: Cougar

St. X Tiger vs. Trinity Shamrock

All right, this is one of the most heated rivalries in high school football not just locally but nationally as well. However, keep in mind this tournament is about only the mascot not the teams or the schools. Sadly, and for anybody getting angry with me keep in mind were dealing with mascots here the Shamrock’s main defense would be poison ivy I would guess, however realistically a tiger doesn’t care much about poison ivy.

Winner: Tiger

Because there’s such a small field in this bracket the winner of it will be determined the same day so what were left with is…

The St. X Tiger vs. The Holy Cross Cougar

two already worn out big cats. It’s a ferocious feline contest as we see both the Tiger and Cougar licking their respective lips. They size each other up, slowly circling when suddenly the Cougar strikes thus leading a tussle that concludes with the Tiger overpowering the cougar and taking the victory.

Winner: The St. Xavier Tiger

It’s been a busy day for the tiger and he will fight another, but tomorrow were shifting to another bracket.

Images courtesy of ihigh, DeSales High School, Amazon, MWeir, Mascot db

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