Meet Hostile BeeHavior, a Fresh Meat Derby City Roller Girl [Sports]

Hostile BeeHavior


Hostile BeeHavior is one of Derby City Roller Girls newer skaters, who has just come in with the Fresh Meat class. You wouldn't know it by the way she skates; she's already playing in bouts in multiple positions. Bee is a quiet skater, but don't let that fool you.

She's definitely a derby girl, full of energy and aggression on the track. Her derby talent comes from her balance -- she says she's always had a good sense of balance, and it's helped in her skating. She runs every morning, and brings her dog with her.

Despite her team spirit and "no fear" mentality, Bee doesn't come from a sports background. Her only sport is kickboxing, which helps with her aggression on the track.

As you can tell by the name, Bee enjoys beekeeping, and you'll see her wearing striped yellow and black socks. She has a large, supportive family, many of which saw her stunning debut at the DCRG vs. NEO game. Her advice to any of the incoming Rookie class and Junior League hopefuls is to learn to fall without getting your fingers run over, because that's something that almost happened to her.

For all of those derby fans, Bee is one to watch. You'll see her in the upcoming bout, DCRG vs. Little Steel Derby Girls on September 22nd. Make sure to check out the Informational Meeting as well, for the following day, for roller girls, junior league, referees, and volunteers.

More more information about this Saturday's bout, check out this article.

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