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If you're not here, you can't grasp what happens when they play, "My Old Kentucky Home."  

When the national anthem was sung, everyone stopped what they were doing. Reporters put down their microphones, beer vendors stopped hawking, janitors put their hands over their hearts - it was a touching moment of solidarity.

It was nothing compared to hearing "My Old Kentucky Home" here near the Paddock. Tears literally came to some people's eyes. A man clutched his heart - I actually worried he was having a stroke, but he straightened up afterwards. The roaring volume of the crowd came to an abrupt halt. Other than the song itself, you could hear a whisper. Or, near me, a passionate sniff.

The out of towners all look a little uncomfortable and slightly confused by this, but for a rowdy, drunk crowd, they're also all surprisingly respectful. They stand in place, watching this unusual display of state solidarity. I've honestly never seen anything quite like it.

Ten minutes now until the best 2 minutes in sports. 

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