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The Youth Performing Arts School is proud to present 4 performances of the New Works Festival - 2011, showcasing original plays, dances and musical numbers created, written and produced by YPAS students. 

Each evening contains different performances and material. “The entire festival is a showcase of student-produced work,” states Patricia Allison, Playwriting teacher and New Works Producer. The Youth Performing Arts School’s New Works Festival - 2011 is unique to this area.

Witness the true creative nature of today’s youth in performance at The New Works Festival – 2011.Due to mature subject matter New Works Festival - 2011  is recommended for grades 8 and up. (PG)

Play Blurbs

SLATE 1   March 11 Evening 7:30p.m.


Parking Lot Drama

By Kate Miller
When Jenna sees her boyfriend Todd in a precarious position, she runs away. However, when Todd catches up to her in the parking lot, will he be able to win her back and how far will he have to go to do so?


Track Marks and Remarks

By Taylor Townsend
Romance and drugs run rampant as a blazing romance burns itself out. Who will fall victim is up to chance, a game of Russian roulette? Who will stand when the smoke clears and the fires still remain?
Bird and Worm
By Kyle Fowler
A Ghetto bird catches a highly intelligent British worm. What ensues is a battle of wits and an urgent struggle for survival. 



By Raven Moran
Take a glimpse into the imagination of the new-age, technology-dependent generation and the influence modern-day media has on our youth. An adventurous young boy has a love for the classic crime/action movies that are syndicated over and over again on AMC.


 By Trey Wright
Desperate people no longer care about a person’s character. A desperate woman learns a hard lesson when she falls for man based only on his appearance.

Lord Spoonhand’s Affliction

By Jackson Wolford

In late Victorian England, there was a Lord. His name was Spoonhand. What was his affliction? Such a mystery!
SLATE 2 ( March 12 Evening 7:30p.m.)

Thespis and the Chorus

By Max Abner
Yes, theatre is a beautiful art that allows us to emote and take a good, hard look at ourselves. But, is it not also a farm, harvesting greed, big-egos, and self-righteousness. Flashback two-thousand years. Let’s see Thespis. Let’s watch him step out.

How David Mamet Writes His Plays

By Danny Cox
It’s an ordinary day in a playwriting class, until a simple disagreement turns into a terrible argument of disastrous proportions.

Four Silver Eyes

By Isiah Fish
A fresh fantasy follows two other worldly beings through their most intense time of desire, danger, and affection.




By Carter Caldwell
Donatello Simpson has spent his entire life trying to be heard, and you’re going to hear him. You will hear his stories of pain, pride, and most importantly, his stories of discrimination.


Dinner In England’s Medieval Ghetto

By Max Abner
Times are hard, and Boris and Margaret are desperate. Grocery prices are skyrocketing, and the children look scrumptious. Could Mr. Swift’s modest proposal have been a good one? Will anarchy grab hold of this poor, beaten world? Could poverty and greed really take over?


SLATE 3 (March 18, Evening 7:30p.m.)

“…In the state of Denmark.”
By Raven Moran
Inspired by a group of young men from the Audubon Correctional Center, who are associated with the well-known Shakespeare Behind Bars program—the play encompasses their personal experiences and actions. I visited them shortly after their performance at Manual, and was able to interview a few of the young men. I want to dedicate the moments in this play to these wonderful boys: I am forever grateful.

Wild Tigers in Space

By Isiah Fish
Reality meets fantasy in this universal story of finding one’s place. Tiger is determined to be rescued by a constellation, and Tucker is determined to end what he thinks is Tiger’s delusion.


Traveling Is A Fool’s Paradise

By Noah Park
The classic tale of the disgruntled, goofy father takes a turn during a family vacation, and he is reminded of the value of his family.



By Trey Wright
Inspired by a song that I wrote and feeling a bit down, I began thinking about what would make me happier at that moment. What was my “Fix?”   Some people’s fixes are better than others.


Seahorse in an Elevator with Another Guy Who’s Pretty Normal

By Carter Caldwell
Do you ever wish you were a seahorse? Well, you’re not, and neither is MAN 2, but he’s pretty sure he is.



By Kyle Fowler
A lonely Chinese restaurant owner leaps at the chance to play host to two American business people who wander into his establishment. They are less than thrilled.


SLATE 4 (March 19, Evening 7:30p.m.)


By Noah Park
In the never ending fight for the top, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have a battle of the century in debating who has the better MP3 player, Apple or Microsoft.


The Vaquero

By Nicholas Mudd
A young cowboy comes to handle the harsh realities of his problems at home with the intrusion of a mysterious stranger on his property.


Al and Bobby Learn About Euthanasia

By Danny Cox
Two mobsters think it’s just another usual morning when they’re sent to the apartment of Barbara Stanley to… “take care of her.” But when the two mobsters arrive they’re in for something totally unexpected. Al and Bobby soon have to confront their feelings about euthanasia.


By Jackson Wolford
We’re all aware that the government has permission to watch. The idea of Big Brother isn’t particularly new. But who are the people on the other end of the camera’s lens?
By Kate Miller
John visits the doctor with a mysterious problem he can’t exactly explain. As his ailment is slowly discovered, his friend Jane and the doctor lose all sympathy for this exceptionally unusual problem.


By Sheila Wilson
This play is about one simple thing. Us. It’s our story of a normal day in the normal lives of seven normal people, and how that normal day turned tragic in an instant. May all your Scars turn to proud Marks that possess the utmost Understanding and Graceful Beauty.
YPAS Robert W. West Experimental Theater
1517 South 2nd Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40208
Phone: 502-485-8355

Price: Call for details
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