By the Numbers: Private Schools


Most of the information on private schools in the tables that follow is self-explanatory, but a few of the categories may need further explanation:

Religious-affiliated schools are denoted with a letter code in parentheses after the school name. The religious codes are: (AG) Assembly of God, (B) Baptist, (C) Christian, (CC) Church of Christ, (E) Episcopalian, (IFB) Independent Fundamental Baptist, (J) Jewish, (L) Lutheran, (LIB) Landmark Independent Baptist, (P) Protestant, (RC) Roman Catholic, and (S) Seventh-Day Adventist. Catholic high schools and parochial elementary schools are listed in separate sections. 

Elementary Schools

Tuition: A Catholic elementary school with a istewardshipi plan charges no tuition to parish members who att/files/storyimages/that school. Others must pay a tuition fee.

Bus Service:  indicates that a school provides private bus service to and/ or from school. Usually such service is limited to a specific geographical area.

Bus Cost: Cost to parents of private bus service.

Register By: Schools with open registration allow new-student registration at any time during the year. Schools with dates prefer (or in some cases require) registration by the given date. Please call schools to confirm all registration dates and requirements.

High Schools

A.P. Courses: The number of advanced-placement, college-credit courses that a school offers. (Note: Sacred Heart Academyis number includes 15 International Baccalaureate courses.)

% to 4-Yr. College: The percentage of students from a schoolis most recent graduating class who went on to four-year colleges.

Entrance Exam and Application Date: The dates of entrance exams and application deadlines for each school.

Please call schools to confirm all application procedures and dates.

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